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About our Firm

SPALLAS JONES, PLLC focuses its practice in the area of creditor rights representation in matters concerning lien rights within bankruptcy proceedings. Our law firm is devoted to maximizing success while minimizing liability exposure to our clients.

As an integral part of our legal services, we have formed strategic alliances within the recovery industry. As a result, SPALLAS JONES has developed efficient and cost effective solutions for recovering non-strategic creditor assets (aka Collateral).

Today’s consumer often times can be rehabilitated and become a repeat customer to the creditor grantor. Our asset recovery philosophy is to encourage responsibility and self-respect in a manner fostering customer relationships. The benefit of this approach is two-fold. The short term benefit is that recovery success is maximized through attentive interaction with the consumer. In the long term, this approach preserves the potential consumer pool for future credit considerations.

Our recovery services are tailored to your individual needs, with each portfolio administered by dedicated team members.

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